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What is outplacement?

Whether you call it outplacement, career transition, executive outplacement coaching, outplacement assistance, outplacement consulting, outplacement training, corporate downsizing, corporate reorganization, job elimination, RIF, mass layoff services or just plain outplacement services, OutplacementCompany.Net. understands that what we do impacts people’s lives. We have been in their shoes, and genuinely want to help those using our outplacement services find their next career opportunity quickly.

Outplacement Services and Support

What makes us different?

Our commitment to personal service for those using our outplacement service sets us apart. We design highly customizable and affordable solutions for the companies who wish to provide career transition services to those in career transition, making us outplacement consultants of choice to both large and small companies throughout the United States who want the best for their separated employees.

Outplacement Services and Support

Why is outplacement good for your business?

Providing outplacement services for those in career transition is less expensive than you think and will save your company money, stress and time. Providing outplacement can help reduce unemployment and related costs, reduce the possibility of legal action, and provide positive public perception of your company.
In addition, helping people when they need it the most is the right thing to do.

Outplacement Services and Support